What Is Magic?

What Is Magic?

Shaman in Ecuadorian Amazonia during a real ayahuasca ceremony.
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Magic is not an illusion or fiction, the occult or the paranormal.
It is not sorcery, supernatural nor the opposite of science.
It is not what the ancient Greeks, Romans and Israelites thought.
It is not wicked, nor fraudulent ritual or criminal practice,
Performed by charlatans, witches, magicians, gods or demons.
It doesn’t oppose religion, nature or human law.
There is no good or white magic, no talismans or voodoo dolls.
Magic is not a symbolic language of spells, curses or incantations,
That have influence over the physical world.
There is no collective understanding of what magic is.
No accepted scholarly definition of magic.
So, what is magic?

Like our ancestors we really don’t know what magic is.
Primitive human interpretations of unknown forces,
Opened the door into a world of magic, imagination,
Religion, ritual and an awareness of our place in the world.
Magic, was what we did not understand.
Like children, we fed and grew on curiosity.
What was once primitive, became reborn.
A renaissance of thought, suddenly takes hold.
Methods adapted, observations made, theories proposed,
Resulting in the study of the structure and behavior of the physical and
Science is born.

Science draws conclusions based on the available knowledge.
But what of the unknown forces, the unknown structures and behaviors?
Perhaps there are things that can never be known?
Perhaps we should change the definition of science to be:
“Science is the study of the structure and behaviors of the natural
Physical universe and its yet unknown structures, forces and behaviors,
Through observation, hypothesis, prediction and experiment.”
Science is thus, the study of what is known and unknown.
It is the study of magic, and the universe that wields it.
Magic is thus the universe, and how it creates from nothing, everything.
Religions evolved, science evolved, but what about spiritualty?
Spirituality, is our innate need to seek out and understand the magic.

David Yanez

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